Ghost Buildings

As with all neighborhoods, the Old Third Ward is constantly changing. There are many buildings that have been documented for one reason or another, but are no longer in existence.

Below is a map of these ghost buildings. Some have been replaced by other structures. The spaces where some stood are now taken up with surface parking.

When possible an image of the building is included. If no image is available, a map of the building's location is given. If the building was a private home there are links to the family who lived there.

The Buck/McGrath house (Walnut and Sixth, 429 W. Sixth St. or 506 S. Walnut St.)
The Canavan house (Sixth and Walnut, 475 Walnut)
Engine House no. 2 (Eighth and State, northwest corner )
The Hauert house (Eighth and Walnut, 227 S. Walnut St.)
The Mary K. Hutchinson House (200 W. Prospect Ave. at Jones Park)
The Konrad house (Sixth and Prospect, 324 W. Sixth St.)
The Moeskes house (Eighth and Walnut, 404 W. Eighth St.)
The O'Keefe house (Sixth and Walnut, 507 S. Walnut St.)
The Putney homestead (Sixth and State, pre-1925 address: 453 State)
St. Joseph's Catholic school (Lawrence at Elm, 330 W. Lawrence St.)
St. Joseph's parsonage (Lawrence at Elm, 404 Lawrence St.)
St. Mary's Irish Catholic school (Seventh and State, 313 S. State St.)
The Van Nortwick house (Prospect at Sixth, 309 W. Prospect Ave.)
Waverly House (Lawrence at Appleton, north side)
The Winslow house (Lawrence at Appleton, south side)

ghost map prospect200 prospect309 eighth404 enginehouse2 state313gone state453 walnut227 walnut475 walnut507 lawrence209 lawrence330 lawrence404 waverly-house sixth324 sixth429