How Old Are the Homes in the Old Third Ward?

The homes in the Old Third Ward range in age from 1851 (the earliest complete, original home) to 2004. Interestingly, these two homes are on the same street and are almost across from each other.

The colored squares on the map below represent homes for which fairly definite dates of construction are known. Buildings for which no dates are known are in black. This gives a visual representation of when homes were built. Click on the squares for more information.

Not included on this map are apartment buildings. Buildings that were homes at one time but are now commercial properties are included.

1831-1850 1851-1870 1871-1890 1891-1910 1911-1930 1931-1950 1951-1970 1971-1990 1991-2010
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1831-1850 1851-1870 1871-1890 1891-1910 1911-1930 1931-1950 1951-1970 1971-1990 1991-2010