This project really began in the early 1990's when the neighborhood residents recognized the threat to their homes and history. The people at that time didn't know it but their detailed records and research laid the foundation for this website.

First, thanks must go to Linda Muldoon and Bill Anderson. They archived the print official records of the Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association, plus news articles, publications, city and county documents, art work, personal reminiscences, images and copious other documents which they generously shared.

Since the basis for this website was the published walking tour brochure, many thanks to the authors and researchers who put it together and revised it: Linda Muldoon, the late Frank Council, Carolyn Kellogg, Ann Kloehn, Marion Leisering, and Ann Sager. Much of their excellent text was taken verbatim.

Thanks to Karen Probst at the Appleton Public Library and Matthew Carpenter at the History Museum at the Castle for donating their time and giving permission to use their digitized texts and images.

Thanks to Lawrence University and the Seeley G. Mudd Library, particularly Provost and Dean of the Faculty David Burrows and Peter Gilbert, Director of the Seeley G. Mudd Library and Associate Professor, for granting a sabbatical leave during the summer of 2011 to get this project off the ground and for providing financial support.

Thanks to Julie Ward Fricke, Reference and Web Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, Seeley G. Mudd Library at Lawrence University for help with Hypertext Markup Language.

Thanks to the Technology Services department at Lawrence University for loaning a laptop with all the necessary software for the summer of 2011.

Thanks to The Avenue, 91.1 web streaming for keeping me entertained.

And finally, thanks to Keith for putting up with an absentee wife for the summer (even though I was right upstairs,) and for reminding me to eat, take a walk and go to sleep.

The sources used for this project were primarily web-based. All of the official OTW Neighborhood Association documents and newsletters were scanned from the original print documents and converted to OCR PDFs. Sources for texts and images are cited when appropriate.

This website is intended to be a fluid, ever-changing source of information and history and is not complete as it stands. Anyone with additions, corrections or comments is encouraged to email the Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association.

Antoinette Powell, Old Third Ward resident and Webmaster
Music Librarian and Assistant Professor
Seeley G. Mudd Library
Lawrence University
Appleton , WI 54911