Neighborhood newsletters began as letters or memos mailed to households. This communication was essential to keep the residents informed about Outagamie County's plans for parking expansion, plans that threatened many homes in the neighborhood.

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Courthouse Neighborhood Report

From late 1993 through spring of 1994, the newly-formed group was called the "Courthouse Area Neighborhood Association." Letters from Frank Council, newly elected Chairman, were sent to households bordered by Memorial Drive, Prospect Avenue, Oneida Street and Lawrence Street.

November 23, 1993 January 20, 1994 January 21, 1994 (includes 1980 walking tour brochure) Spring, 1994

Neighborhood News

On July 21, 1994, the "Courthouse Area Neighborhood Association" was officially incorporated as "Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association." Neighborhood News now included requests for supporting members in various membership categories.

August, 1994 Fall, 1994

By the Winter of 1995 Neighborhood News took on the look of a newsletter publication.

Winter, 1995 Spring, 1995 Summer, 1995 Spring, 1996

The Winter 1997-98 issue was the first to sport what is now the logo of the Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association, the Schuetter house at 330 W. Sixth St.

Winter, 1997-98 Winter, 1998-99

By the summer of 1999 historic images from the Old Third Ward were regularly printed in the newsletters.

Summer, 1999 Summer, 1999 (additional newsletter) Winter, 2000 Summer, 2000 Fall, 2000 Winter, 2001
Spring, 2001 Fall, 2001 Spring, 2002 Summer, 2003 Summer, 2004 Winter, 2005 Summer, 2006

The printed issue returned in the Summer of 2014 and electronic version was also sent out beginning in the Fall of 2014.

Summer, 2014 Fall, 2014 Spring, 2015 Summer, 2015 Fall, 2015 Winter, 2016 Spring, 2016 Summer, 2016 Fall, 2016