W. Sixth St.

Sixth St. was named because it is the 6th street from the Fox River. It has become somewhat of a main thoroughfare since it continues Badger St. from the west and leads to the Oneida St. bridge which continues south across the Fox River.

The street was a landmark back to the earliest time of Appleton since it bordered the County Courthouse on the south.

From Morrow and Gillett's Appleton city directory, for 1889-90:
SIXTH, 462 Cherry [now S. Memorial Dr.], east to Prospect, fourth south of College av, numbers from 890 to 1040

In 1925 a new system of numbering structures in the city of Appleton was adopted. In this directory both the new and old street numbers are given. In addition, College Ave. was designated the dividing line between north and south, and Oneida St. was the east-west divider.

From Wright's Appleton city directory 1925:
SIXTH W - From 321 W Prospect av w to S Cherry [now S. Memorial Dr.], 4 s W College av

sixth circle sixth628 sixth620-622 sixth614 sixth608 sixth526 sixth516 sixth330 sixth631 sixth617 sixth535 sixth531 sixth527 sixth523 sixth519 sixth417 sixth411 sixth403 sixth339 sixth335 sixth331 Click on the icons or addresses for more information. The pre-1925 addresses are in parentheses.

North side of W. Sixth St., from S. Memorial Dr. to W. Prospect Ave.:

628 W. Sixth St.

620-622 W. Sixth St. (1024 and 1026 Sixth)

614 W. Sixth St. (1020 Sixth)

608 W. Sixth St. (1012 Sixth.)

526 W. Sixth St. (986 Sixth)

516 W. Sixth St. (978 Sixth

330 W. Sixth St. (900 Sixth)

South side of W. Sixth, from S. Memorial Dr. to W. Prospect Ave.:

631 W. Sixth St. 617 W. Sixth St. (1021 Sixth)

535 W. Sixth St.

531 W. Sixth St. (989 Sixth)

527 W. Sixth St. (985 Sixth)

523 W. Sixth St. (983 Sixth)

519 W. Sixth St. (977 Sixth)

417 W. Sixth St. (939 Sixth)

411 W. Sixth St. (933 Sixth)

403 W. Sixth St. (925 Sixth)

339 W. Sixth St. (913 Sixth)

335 W. Sixth St. (909 Sixth)

331 W. Sixth St. (901 Sixth)