340 W. Prospect Ave.
Street number prior to 1925: 912 Prospect

Located on the Elm, Sixth, Prospect triangle, this Prairie School style home was in the Second Ward when it was built in 1910.
The first owners were inventor Joseph Plank and his wife Henrietta. Many homes on the southeast end of Prospect were built in the 1930's for Plank descendants, giving the area the name Plank Row.

This home is located in the West Prospect Avenue Historic District which is listed in the State and National Register of Historic Places.

This home was built using "ornamental concrete block." This man-made material fashioned from portland cement made concrete blocks a strong, inexpensive alternative to brick or stone. This gave famillies of average means the opportunity to build houses of many different styles at a reasonable price.

Other examples of homes constructed from this material are located at 327 S. Walnut St., 329 W. Prospect Ave., 335 W. Prospect Ave.,339 W. Sixth St., 608 W. Sixth St., 617 W. Sixth St., and 419 S. State St.