404 W. Prospect Ave.
Street number prior to 1925: 924 Prospect

This 1880 home may possibly have been built as a tenement house. The 1925 Wright's city directory lists this address as 406 W. Prospect.

In 1893 three members of the Rogers family, Agnes, Joseph and Michael lived here. The Reverend J. J. Irving, a Baptist minister, and Louise Irving were residents in 1896.

Appleton businessman George L.Potts and his wife Mary D. "Mamie" (Bushnell) lived here in 1897, having been married two years earlier. Other residents of the home at that time were Charles E. Bushnell, Miss Mildred Potts, and Mary Ullrich, a domestic. George patented machines for pasturizing milk and died only a year later at age 30. Wright's Directory of Appleton 1899-1900 lists his widow living at the house.

In 1910 Matthias Schmidt and his wife Mary purchased the property for rental income and as their retirement home.