Heintzkill Family

The Oshkosh Daily Northwestern carried a brief note on the death of Theodore Heintzkill in 1884.

The Heintzkill Hotel, a saloon and boarding house, was located on the southwest corner of Cherry and Third streets, 803 S. Memorial Dr. (then 365 Cherry.) The proprietor was Theodore Heintzkill. He had emigrated from Germany, near Trier, in 1868. He was found dead in bed at age 45 on Dec. 29, 1884, probably from a heart attack. After he died his wife Paulina, or Lena, took over the business. His widow and children later moved to Green Bay.

Despite the difference in spelling, he was a distant cousin of John Heinzkill who established a soap works in 1893, and which was operated by his son, John Heinzkill, Jr. for many years in the building now occupied by Frank’s Pizza Palace, 815 West College Ave.