W. Water St.

At the foot of S. Jackman St. is the start of W. Water St. Here is where industry lived in the 18th, 20th, even into the 21st centuries.

Recently historic buildings on the river have been reclaimed and, unfortunately, razed. Those who have taken possession of these remaining structures have a deep understanding of their significance and are acting as their stewards.

Today Water St. has the potential to be the route to the history of the neighborhood and the city. Green space and informational stops will bring residents and visitors a sense of the importance of the river.

water st.
Portion of: Foote, C. M. 1849-1899. (Charles M.); Brown, Walter S. Plat book of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, (1889). The city of Appleton: west central part, p. 23. Used with permission of the Appleton Public Library.