William J. Konrad, Jr.

William J. Konard, Jr. was born in 1880 in Appleton. His father, also born in Wisconsin, ran a tinsmith shop. In 1920 William J. Konard, Jr. was a bank teller and his family lived at 324 W. Sixth St. By 1936 he was Vice-President of the Roemer Lumber Company, President of the Home Building & Loan Assoc. and President of the Peoples Loan & Finance Company with William J. Roemer as Treasurer. In 1938 He was the Secretary-Treasurer of the Home Building & Loan Assoc. By 1951 he was owner of the W. J. Konrad Insurance Agency and still lived on Sixth St.

A biographical sketch appears in the book Biographies of Prominent People of Appleton and the Fox River Valley, 1964.

There was also a William Konrad in Oshkosh. He was born around 1843 in Germany and was a pioneer furniture dealer and mortician in Oshkosh. He also had a son named William, Jr.