Libbie G. Riley Baer

John and Libbie G. Riley Baer built the Cross Gabled home at 517 S. State St. in 1892. Libbie was born Nov 16, 1846 Clermont County Ohio. She settled in Black Creek with her husband in 1867. The family still lived at the State St. address in 1925.

Libbie wrote a poem that was recited in a speech on Decoration Day in 1890 which "was celebrated by an immense gathering at Appleton, probably the best ever held thus far. Judge Cleveland was the principal orator. His speech was exceptionally beautiful and eloquent. A long poem by Mrs. Libbie C. Baer was read, one verse being as follows:

Taken from Thomas Henry Ryan's History of Outagamie County, [1911?], part 5. Used with permission of the Appleton Public Library

'Think of it! Think of it! Coming today
Laden with sweet-scented blossoms of May
Tenderly place them where grasses have grown
Over their faces and o'er the unknown;
Bend in deep reverence over each grave
Kissed by God's sunshine or hid by his wave;
We loyally love them and claim them as ours,
With thoughts of remembrance, sweet as the flowers.'"

Reproduction of black and white photograph by Stimson from the collection of the Appleton Public Libary. Used with permission.