Welcome to Appleton, Wisconsin's
Historic Old Third Ward

Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan Program

The City of Appleton Community & Economic Development Department operates a deferred repayment loan program for low to moderate-income homeowners (e.g. family of four with income less than $62,300/year) needing improvements done to their homes. The program is for City of Appleton residents only. Applications from eligible households will be accepted September 17 through October 26, 2018. Go to https://www.appleton.org/residents/housing-rehab-loan for more information and to download a form. Applications can also be found on the first floor of City Hall across from the Cashiers Office, or on the fifth floor of City Hall at the Customer Service area.

OTW Twitter Account

The Old Third Ward has a Twitter account! https://twitter.com/OTW_Appleton, @OTW_Appleton. Use Twitter to connect with your neighbors!

OTW Facebook Group

Did you know the Old Third Ward has a Facebook group? It's called Appleton Old Third Ward. Anyone interested in communicating with OTW residents or aficionados can join the group. You'll be notified of posts from other group members and you can post yourself. Do you have historic OTW photos? Is there a photo you can't identify? Crowdsource! Post it! How about recipes, gardening ideas, anything you think would be of interest to the group.

The Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association provides scholarships to high school students who wish to pursue studies in historic preservation, urban planning, local history and other related subjects. The Association also brings the neighborhood together for an annual dinner (in January) and an end-of-summer picnic (in September.) We also maintain the Old Third Ward Website, publish a popular walking tour brochure of the area, and stage periodic home tours. Please help the Association continue these worthy practices. The Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association is a private nonprofit corporation.