W. Seventh St.

Seventh Street acquired its name by being the seventh street from the Fox River.

West Seventh St. has many fewer buildings than it used to. At one time the street stretched from Cherry St. (now S. Memorial Dr.) over to Elm then continued diagonally to meet with Smith St. (now gone) near Superior St. Seventh now ends on its eastern end at the Outagamie County grounds. The 400 block contains County parking.

The north side of the 500 and 600 blocks are taken up with buildings belonging to St. Mary's Catholic Church and the St. Mary's playground.

From Morrow and Gillett's Appleton city directory, for 1889-90:
SEVENTH, 493 Elm, west to Cherry, third south of College av, numbers from 900 to 1040.

In 1925 a new system of numbering structures in the city of Appleton was adopted. In this directory both the new and old street numbers are given. In addition, College Ave. was designated the dividing line between north and south, and Oneida St. was the east-west divider.

From Wright's Appleton city directory 1925:
SEVENTH W - From Jones Park w to S Cherry, 3 s W College av

seventhcirclemap seventh621 seventh607-619 seventh527 seventh523 seventh517-519 seventh511 Click on the icons or addresses for more information. The pre-1925 addresses are in parentheses.

South side of W. Seventh, from S. Memorial Dr. to S. Elm St.:

621 W. Seventh St.
(1023 Seventh)

607-619 W. Seventh St.
(1017 Seventh)

527 W. Seventh St.
(991 Seventh)

523 W. Seventh St.
(981 Seventh)

517-519 W. Seventh St.
(971 Seventh)

511 W. Seventh St.
(967 Seventh)