213 W. Prospect Ave.
Street number prior to 1925: 839 Prospect

When this stately home was built sometime prior to 1870 it lay in the Second Ward which bordered the Third Ward at Elm St.
Wright's 1887-1888 directory lists Edward West, real estate dealer, as resident. The 1893-94 directory has him both living and working at this address. In 1925 William B. Montgomery lived there.

213 Prospect Image of the West house (right). Reproduction of photograph by J. E. H. Stimson, from Appleton, Wis., Illustrated (1892), p. 132
Used with the permission of the Appleton Public Library

Images of the West house and view of the Fox River from the house, from The Valley of the Lower Fox: Historical, Descriptive, Picturesque (1887), p. 50
Used with the permission of the Appleton Public Library

Map of West's Canal from Illustrated Annual Review of the Appleton Post,
Devoted to the City of Appleton, Wisconsin, Its Water Power and Industries;
Also an Historical Sketch of Fox River Valley
(1879). The location of
the West home on the bluff is circled.
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