Charles Edgar Newman

Charles Edgar Newman lived with his uncle, William S. Cleggett on State St. in 1880. His mother, Sarah A. Cleggett, was William's sister. Sarah had moved to Appleton after the death of her husband, Rev. William P. Newman, in 1866 in Cincinnati. William P. Newman was a well-known abolitionist and, as sources put it, "a fiery orator." Sarah was William's second wife and when she moved to Appleton she was accompanied by her step-children in addition to her son Charles.

The family was living in Dresden, Ontario, Canada in the 1850s, but William Newman decided Haiti would be more welcoming. Charles was born during the family's brief time in Haiti, in 1860 or 1861.

Charles later married and moved to Kaukauna where he died in 1889. This image of Charlie, as he was known, was taken from a photo of the Kaukauna baseball team from the 1880s.